Life Update!!!

Hey y'all! I know, I know, it's been a minute. So let me give you a run down on what's been going on in my life. First - I have left the fashion industry. And I am not going back anytime soon (I am not leaving Rebel Chic though). Personally I needed to get away... Continue Reading →

Capsule Closet

Moving can be so stressful. I am in the process of moving out of the lux townhome I share with a friend and living by myself again. I am going to have a very small closet now. Here are a few of my tips for cleaning out your closet. Perspective is everything. The bigger the... Continue Reading →

Livin’ like hippiesĀ 

Have you ever been so excited for something that nothing is right? That was me, days before the Miranda lambert concert. I bought three different pairs of jeans, five tops and two jackets. I still ended up changing fifteen times before leaving. It wasn't that I didn't have the right clothes or they didn't fit.... Continue Reading →

My Style Icon…

When asked who is my style icon, only one name comes to mind, Miranda Lambert. Her style is unlike any other. She is doing fashion her way. I love what Miranda wears now and what she worr 10 years ago. I get inspiration not only from her outfits but also her music. Her songs fill... Continue Reading →

Jean Shopping 101

Shopping for jeans is honestly worse than swimsuit shopping. Before I became the denim expert I am today, there was a time when I needed jeans. I shopped at 7 different stores, looking for a decent pair of jeans. The shopping trip came to a halt when I started crying on the dressing room because... Continue Reading →


Ray-Bans have been around since 1937, and a staple in my life for the past year. My only regret is not buying a pair sooner. There are three style which are considered iconic. Aviators Wayfarers Clubmasters  What makes Ray-Bans so great? Ray-Bans contain UV protection lenses. This will protect your eye from the sun. A... Continue Reading →

Everything is Great

The only acceptable Kyle Busch shirt to wear. I only seem to wear this shirt sarcastically. You know on those days when nothing is going your way, or when you just don't want to deal with anything. It the shirt that says nothing like how you are actually feeling. This is my "don't fuck with... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Night Out

Is there really anything better than going out with great friends? As a Christmas gift I got four tickets to Worlds Toughest Rodeo. We had a super chill night of getting ready and spending the night hang out. It may have been winter in Iowa but I still wore a crop top, and convinced Kendra... Continue Reading →

Boots On

I love everything about this outfit. Everything is toned down to let the boots be the focus. Chambray shirts are still a big trend for 2018. With the dark jeans, a light shirt is the way to go. The front tuck is an easy way to take an outfit to the next level. A simple... Continue Reading →

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