Jeans – Leg Opening

Jeans are the number one item in my wardrobe. It is a go to for myself, and many others. I don’t feel like I have to convince anyone that they need jeans. Most companies are allowing employees to wear jeans to work, not just on causal Fridays. That being said for such a versatile item, jeans can be hard to shop for, and hard to style. The next four week will be all about jeans.

Why are jeans so important-

  • Versatile- A pair of jeans can be worn to a business meeting, the same pair then worn at a concert, and then worn on a date. Jeans can be worn to 90 percent of all everyday life events.
  • Comfortable- Every wonder what makes jeans so stretch? Its Lycra. Denim has become more comfortable in the past ten years. The jeans we are buying now and jeans you can live in.
  • Durable- Jeans have, what is called a twill weave. With out getting to technical, that pretty much means your jeans can take a beating without ruining them.

Jeans are apart of our everyday life whether we like it or not. That being said, to doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Jeans are basic not boring. Here is a run down of the next four weeks

Week one – Education: all about jeans and how they fit

Week two – clean jean: how to style them

Week three – ripped jeans: how to style them

Week four – other options

For day one of education lets talk about leg opening. I’m just going to hit you with what they are called and why.

  • Skinny – Skinnies are one of the most popular leg openings. At about 6 to 7 inches on the leg opening, they can be worn with heels, sandals, even tucked into boots.
  • Straight – They are the same width at the bottom as the knee. A great way to wear them is with casual sneakers.
  • Boot – This is when it is narrow at the knee and wide at the bottom, typically about 17 to 20 inches at the bottom. Most commonly worn on with boots, hence the name.
  • Flare – Flares have become popular for festivals. This is when the leg opening is larger than a bootcut. They look great with heels and sandals.

Biker Bootie Trend

Today is the last day of shoes. I went with my favorite pair. These studded black ankle booties. This is a major trend alert.

The hard thing about trends is they don’t last. They are not an item you want to spend money on because in a couple seasons, they become more difficult to wear, and they is a new item you want to wear instead. The good thing about trends is you will be wearing them all the time, while they are in season. They also allow you to try out different looks with out totally committing to them.

Once a trend is set by high end designers, other sectors of the industry, departments stores, fast fashion, etc. start to make similar items. I personally got these at a fast fashion retailer for around $40. When trying to dupe a designer item here are a few things to look for:

  • Theme- In general, the high end and dupe should have similar vibes. You should be able to pair them with similar items.
  • Material- Material should be a major factor. For example, it the designers are leather, the dope can be faux leather, because they are similar materials. The faux leather is what keeps the cost down on the fast fashion item.
  • Designer details- this is when you need to takes some time and look at the studs and hardware and asking yourself, “does this look tacky/cheap?” The more over-the-top the worst it is. Subtle is the way to go.

Three easy go to style with these boots:

  • Ripped jeans and graphic tee
  • Lace dress, preferable black or darker color
  • For NYE pair them with a basic skinny jean, silver sequin tops, and black leather jacket


For the final week of shoes, it’s about the booties. Booties have been the hot trend of year. The booties is an boot that stops at the ankle. Heel height can be any length. I personally love anything with a little bit of a heel, especially a stacked heel. A stacked heel is thicker and you can see each layer of the heel.


For Christmas I pulled out these beautiful brown booties, with gold detailed stitching. It is a basic bootie with exceptional detail. The gold stitching goes all around the bootie and the zipper has gold details. Have you ever heard the expression. “the devils in the details.” It’s true. The details is what takes a boring pair of shoes and makes it more exciting.


I paired it with leopard printed patching jeans. A few weeks ago I talked about how leopard is a neutral. Putting two neutrals together make both of them stand out. I went with the chambray shirt to let the booties and patches take all the attention.



*I know you can’t see the shoes the best, but look how cute Copper is.

Lets Get Casual

To be honest, I am the worse at casual. I love an over the top shoe, but it’s not always practical, especially with this hectic holiday season. I don’t know about you, but I have four Christmases in three days. My holidays are non stop. As much as I love a statement shoe, sometimes a casual is more important.

Let define casual

  • Easy to style- I want something that would go with everything, not thought has to go into styling
  • Low maintenance- something that I don’t have to worry about getting dirt or anything like that
  • Easy on- I want something I can throw on very quickly and be out the door

Here is the first pair I will share with you. These are Steve Madden in grey (to me they look brown). When looking for a  causal pair of shoes here are some style elements to look for. Even though it’s a causal shoe, you don’t want it to look frumpy.

  • Material- these are made of leather, my mom bought a pair of crushed velvet. The material can adds interest to a shoe that could otherwise be boring.
  • Pattern- this pair is quilted leather, giving it a subtle pattern. You can go as big or small as you want. It adds visual interest to the shoes.
  • Color- have fun with it, mine are not very colorful, but do not be afraid of color. You can go with any color you want the fits your wardrobe, for me I would get a red pair.

How to style these shoes is so easy:

  • Leggings and hoodie- perfect for running out to get last minute Christmas gifts
  • Jeans and nice blouse (or Christmas sweater)- Great for a low key Christmas parties or events
  • T-shirt dress- whether it’s an actually t-shirt or and actual dress, casual shoes are a great chic look

I always overthink making it hard for me wear causal shoe. Don’t over think it. You can wear them with everything. Also get the no show socks you would wear with ballet flats.

Rain boots for Winter

Even a though this is late, its totally worth the wait.

Hunters have quickly become my go to footwear. I grew up on a farm, this style of footwear is essential. As I have grown up, went to college, and now live in the city, I realize how a good pair of rain boots is critical.

I personally love Hunters. The brand is so recognizable that it adds a style element. Also, you can wear them year round, truly. Whether it’s the summer with a pair of shorts, the fall with a chunky sweater, or the winter with a pair of boot liners. You will be reaching for these boots all year long.

I opted for a maroon color. Partly because they were on sale and also because I wear a lot of blacks and greys, so the boots would always add a pop of color. Honestly you can go with any color.

Rain boots are a winter need because:

  • They are water proof. It doesn’t matter if its raining, snowing, or sleeting, your feet will stay dry.
  • They can be warm. Even if you don’t want to use boot liners, like I have, you can opt for wool or fuzzy socks to keep you warm. I have even done leg warmer, poking out the top for a fun accessory.
  • They have traction. I get so nervous about falling down on the pavement. What I love about these if they have traction, so I don’t have to worry about falling down.
  • They are cute. They add a bit of interest to your outfit, with the color or the liners.

I paired the boots with black skinny jeans and a flannel in a similar color pallet. I usually wear all black, however I wanted to change it up. That is why I went with the flannel.

Ugg Slippers

It’s time for week two of shoes! This week is all about practical winter needs. Key word being practical. As much as I love a good stiletto for holiday parties, the only way those are practical is if you are walking to the car and that’s pretty much it.

Key factors:

Warm- Sorry not sorry but if my feet are cold, I am not happy. Even if the shoes themselves are not warm, I need to be able to wear wool or fuzzy socks with them. This is a must have for the winter.

Functional- I can’t be worried about slipping on the ice.

Style- I am still me.

Well there are the three main factors. Sometimes one is more important than the other, like these Uggs.

I bought these for my mom last year. She couldn’t wear them, but I loved them too much to return them. The key factors are functional and warm. Honestly, at 5:20am, I am not to worried about the fashion police coming after me, especially on the way to the gym.

I know this isn’t the most fashionable thing to post, but it is the truth. The rest of the week it will consist of more stylish shoes. I promise.

Combat Boots

I believe that Laura Jean, from “To All the Boys I Loved Before,” is the reason this trend really caught on.

As a refresher, Jen insulted Laura Jean’s boots, which were vintage. As Jen was wearing Uggs, how boring and predictable. So if you learn anything from the movie “To All the Boys I Loved Before,” it should be that good shoes are very important.

Now a little history lesson on combat boots. Combat boots are fashioned after military style footwear. Even though these fashion statement boots are not going to be worn during battle, they are still designed in a functional way.

Key design elements-

  • Thick soles- Traditional and trendy styles have these black thick soles. This is functional for everyday running errands or whatever you have planned. Great for the winter months, when the ground is just gross, covered in snow, slosh, and ice.
  • Upper to mid calf- The functionality reason for this is to get ankle support and stability. This is good if you are going to be stumbling around, like in and out of bars, you won’t roll your ankle.
  • Laces- While some boots have these only for deign purposes, this is a classic element. The laces make it stand out, instead of being black boots.

Styling a masculine look can be hard. I usually play that up, like so adding a leather jacket, plaid, and camo shirt. I counter act that by have my hair and makeup done. When going the masculine route, opt for more fitted clothes. This is the biker look.

You can also go really feminine with it. Paring them with a summer dress, loose and flowy, or with a floral print. I would wait until the warmer months to rock that look. It’s a 90s Grunge meets Hippie Chick. Putting a fresh take on an otherwise traditional looks.

After a week about fashion statement shoes, there are a few themes.

  1. Don’t be afraid to let the shoes shine.
  2. You can always dress the shoes up or down, making them acceptable for all occasion
  3. Have fun with them. After this first week, you have learned so much about fashion. You know more than most people. Have the confidence to wear the damn shoes.