About Me

What is Ashlynne Mai’s?

Since I was 5 years old I knew I was going to study fashion. My story really began when I was 14. I bought my first real pair of heels. They were red Jessica Simpsons. Little did I know, they were actually 1.5 sizes to big and 5 inch heels are hard to walk in (yes, still have them). Since then, I know my correct shoe size, and I have mastered the 5 inch heel. More importantly I got a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design from Iowa State University (Go State!).

Ashlynne Mai’s Armoire gets it’s name from middle name, part of my first name, and an armoire is the name for a unique wardrobe/closet. I decided I want to start a blog because I wanted to share my ideas/ fashion knowledge with others. Designers have talked about how they draw inspiration from famous art pieces. I draw inspiration from the paint schemes of race cars. This might not be a the typical fashion blog you are use to.

I am here to tell you my best whiskey stories as well as my fashion thoughts. This isn’t all about what I am wear but why. The reasoning behind putting to pieces together. Random fashion facts, and how to shop the best sale.

I truly believe the world is my runway and whiskey is my drink.

I look forward to sharing my runway and having a drink with you! Cheers! And thanks for reading.

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