Ripped T-Shirts

Ripped concert shirts have become a huge deal ever since Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing one. Everything she wears is a winner. I have bought two ripped t-shirts (more will be bought/made) and two ripped dresses…. Needless to say I am a big fan of this trend. They are perfect for outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals. The real problem is how to style these shirts.

The most important thing is having a cute bra. Many ripped shirts are ripped down the front exposing your bra. So have a cute one essential. i.e. not an old sports bra or the one you bought three years ago. Cute bralettes are also a winner. Make sure it is clean and cute.

Jeans or shorts are a great option for bottoms. Stick with something that does not have many holes. The idea isn’t to look like you are wearing all your old clothes. Something with out holes creates balance. Since so much is being exposed up top, be a little more conservative on the bottom. Skinny jeans are much easier to tuck in to boots.

The red and black boots give it a nice pop of color (I am all about a pop of color) while still being comfortable. Nothing ruins a good outfit like not being able to walk at the end of the night.

Keep the jewelry simple. There is as lot going on with this outfit, you don’t need much jewelry. A few rings or a leather bracelet are more than enough.

Cheers from Ashlynne Mai’s!

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