Rebel on Holiday

I love summer holidays. When it comes to an outfit, I try to shy away from the typical America flag on everything.


Except for my sunglasses. I used this as my statement piece and planed the rest of my outfit around it. I always get tons of complements on them. They are a unique piece. Plus they are fun.

This top is one of my favorite. It is white with black panels on the side. The color blocking with the black is slimming. It allows for you to wear white with the benefits of wearing black. Win- Win!

The jacket is functional for when it gets cold out (or if you happen to spill, you can zip it up and act like nothing happened). The military green color is fitting for the holiday. I was original going to wear shorts but it was a little chill in Iowa. So jeans it is. The light wash helps keep the focus on the sunglasses.

American Eagle always has great sandals. I went with brown sparkle ones, again to keep everything simple.

However you celebrate Memorial Day take a moment to honors those who served and didn’t make it home.



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Too country for the city. Too city for the country.

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