Rebel in a Rut

Summer which usually means shorts and sandals. I tend to get stuck in a rut. I am always reaching for the same old pairs of shorts and deciding between a few tank tops. It is hot in Iowa. I need to be cool and comfortable. I also need to be fashionable. I forget that dresses are a great alternative. Dresses beat the Iowa heat while being stylish.

My day was full of running errands. Actually it was less running and more driving to and from places. I went with a light blue dress. To be honest when I first bought it my mom saw it and said, “I hope it looks better on you because right now it looks like a hospital gown.” Thanks Mom. I think she approves now. It has pockets! Pockets should be a requirement form dresses these days. The lace up the front keeps it casual.

I paired it with white wedges. I said I was mostly driving. They are perfect for summer and easier to walk in than heels. Wedge are a good alternative to sandals, as long as you can walk in them. A gold watch and a few rings for jewelry. I stayed away from necklaces, as the dress already has an interesting neckline.

I traded my Kate Spade school bag (technically it’s a diaper bag), for a large Ralph Lauren purse still big enough to hold all the essentials like keys, wallet, and tablet, but not so big that I am lugging around all of my textbooks. #gradschoollife.

What is your favorite outfit to run errands in?


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