Brunch Life

The best outfit for sipping on mimosas, and eating avocado toast. Okay so I probably wouldn’t actually where this to a brunch outing (that post will come later). However, this is a good chill Sunday look for when you day is filled with nothing but everything at the same time.

This dress is a knit, making it so comfortable.  The white fabric means all nude colored undergarment. I would also suggest a slip or shape wear of some kind. This will eliminate any lines that may occur. Knit likes to flow and be clingy at the same time. I personally have dents in my hips that become obvious when wearing a knit dress. If the idea of shape wear has you cringing, go up a size. For this dress you don’t need anything sucked in, just smoothed and to keep your dress from being see through.

As the dress is all white I wanted to break it up with a cropped denim jacket. You could also use a flannel shirt, chambray button up, really anything to help keep you warm as the sun goes down.

I went with red cowboy boot to add a pop of color. They give a little bit of a heel. Fun fact I wore these boots when I met Chip Esten and he signed them! Nashville fans can be jealous. A watch will help keep you on time. You do not need many accessorizes with this outfit as there are some many textures and colors already.



Ashlynne Mai’s

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