Rebel on Independence Day

Safe to say, corn is knee high by the Fourth of July.


Nothing about my Independence Day weekend went as planned.

Friday was spent at the gym. We had a holiday themed workout. This wasn’t what I originally had planned but I had a blast.


Saturday I pulled a motor out of a truck with the help of my dad. We ended up lighting the truck on fire. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened so likely we had a fire extinguisher on hand. The truck cab was still ruined but it was a parts truck anyways.


Sunday was spent cleaning up from the fire and at the races (the races are the on planned part on my weekend) my race outfit is the one I will be talking about.


Monday was spent gun shopping. Not planned but who can complain when thy have a new gun.

The Fourth of July has been of working on a motor (the one from Saturday) and the Mustang. Now I am finally getting some down time to write this post.


Independence day race outfit


We all want to celebrate the holiday, the first thought is to grab a flag shirt or flag shorts just flag everything. I took a different route, per my usual. This outfit always wasn’t planned. The only thing planned was the red bandanna. And I was going to go back to buy a blue one but didn’t get around to it. So red bandanna won.


Last week while out shopping for workout clothes, I stumbled upon a Guns N’ Roses shirt. I thought it would be great for workouts (yes, I can name at least five of their songs). Once I tried it on I knew I wanted to were it for the Fourth of July. While it is not an American flag shirt, it is an iconic band and something completely different.


I love festival shorts from American Eagle. I had a light wash paired, but they got dirty so I went with the dark wash. Either way you can’t go wrong.


If I had a pair of ankle or motor boots, I would have totally worn those to keep this 70s/80s vibe going. I didn’t have any so the sparkly sandals were used once again.


For accessories I went with the Ray-Bans. They are a classic and completely worth. The red bandanna, because it’s a holiday so no one will give you weird looks (and if they do send them my way). Rock the bandanna. Some rings, one is the shape of Texas, I felt it was appropriate. Finally, on my shorts I have a snap on pin pinned to the pocket.


It was a successful weekend even thought it was not what I planned.


Next weekend I will be attend back to back races at the Iowa Speedway. Post will follow.




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