Rebel’s with Benefits

I spent most of my weekend at the Iowa Speedway. I am going to post about Saturday’s outfit today and Sunday’s outfit tomorrow.

Saturday was all about the fans. As it was July 8 or 7/8, which is length of the track and now National Iowa Speedway Day. New favorite holiday. I found out a few days before the race that I would not being the tickets I originally had. Instead, I would be in the suites! Even with this exciting news my outfit choice did not change.

It was a night race, that means when the sun goes down it cools off. I am always cold. therefore I wore jeans. I hate jean shopping. I don’t do it. I pretty much beg my mom to buy me jeans, so I can try them on at home and then ask her to return them. She is the best! I do not care about where they come from. It is not uncommon for her to get them second hand. The pair I wore Saturday are second hand, Lucky Brand. They were hemmed. I used a seam ripper lengthen them. I was tucking them into boots, so the raw hem didn’t matter.

I wore a suede shirt. Suede is heavy and keeps you warm. Not the best shirt for the summer, but in this case it worked. It’s a tank top with lace cutouts on the side to help keep me cool.

I went with white cowboy boots. I did not want to be to matchy with brown boots. I accessorized with Montana Silver necklace. The detail on the necklace is insane. I also did not want to wear the matching bracelet, and I didn’t have anything else. What do you do when you don’t have a bracelet? Well I don’t know about you, but I wrapped a pearl necklace around my wrist, and I was off to the races.

I went with my dad. We left a couple hours before the race started, as IndyCar was practicing. It was great. The weather was hot and humid, although I did not have to worry about it (#suitelife). There are two things I think everyone should do in their life. One see a sporting event from the suites. Two see a sporting event from the cheep seats. Both have their perks, and should be experienced.



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