Rebel’s rules of Fashion

The other day a friend asked me to help her pack for a weekend getaway. While we were picking out clothes she made the comment that she could not wear black and navy together. I realized this is a thing! People really believe you cannot wear black and navy together. This makes me so sad. I wear black and navy together all the time. No really, my mom taught me at a young age there are no rules in fashion. Navy and black became my go to.

This is not a post about wearing navy and black. My original outfit was going to be navy and brown. But I decided to go with a more casual dress.

My go to would have been black heels and a navy dress. After my friend made the navy and black comment, I figured I needed to try something different. Something different was navy and brown. I have my outfit all picked out but came to the conclusion it was a little too dressy.

Now Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed of overeducated.” I agree, however I believe in dressing for the event, one should not wear a formal gown to a truck pull. My first thought was to dress it down with different shoes. I didn’t have any other shoes with me… but my mom’s closet is always open, as long as she doesn’t catch me sneaking her shoes out. She claims, I stretch them out. I do. I was going to steal her fringe cowboy boots (Fun Fact: She let me borrow them for my 21 first birthday. The only rule was I could not spill beer on them. I ended up spilling lots of whiskey on them instead).

Looking around at all the clothes trying to decided if a dress and boots were the way to go. I spotted this blue tie-dye looking dress. I ended up putting that with the original heels. It was a snowball effect. I was able to get the perfect amount of dressy but casual.

I accessorized with some rings, a long gold necklace, looped twice, a gold watch and of course Ray-Bans. My accessories don’t change that much. I try to keep it simple. Keeping it simple makes it easy to dress up and outfit with out spending hours on it.


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