Rebel and Boss Man Dale

Dale Jr. is out scouting the talent, closing deals, and he does it all with a firm handshake. Ask Amelia. In honoring of his last season a full time drive. I thought it was only fitting to pull together an outfit even boss man Dale himself would approve of.

Blazers and NASCAR razorbacks do not usually mix, that is what makes this outfit great. The idea is to have a casual  business outfit that incorporates the 88. As fall will be here before we know it. I thought I would start doing some layering. When layering tend to reach for jackets or flannel button ups. We neglect the business blazer. (I showed up to a party with a blazer on. Some guy told me, “you can’t party in a blazer.” I proved him wrong). This is a great opportunity to use the blazer that you were forced to buy for a job interview or career fair. I own many blazers, as I use to work in a business casual and professional world. I don’t anymore so why not put the blazer to use. If you are interested in continuing to add blazers, into  your armoire, sales are the best way to add more blazers to you collection. Another way is second hand stores.

I love the NASCAR razor backs that just have the number on them. Keeping is simple turns it in to a basic layering piece. A style like this is my go to, when buying fan apparel. I don’t like the ones with car and sponsor all over them. They are way to busy. The idea behind this outfit is classy while supporting Dale Jr.. Since with razorback is black, I went with a grey blazer otherwise there would be black overload

The jeans are kept dark to look more professional. These are Levi’s skinny jeans. I went with black and gold heels. My go to with jewelry is my gold watch. A quick way to make any outfit look more professional is add a watch.

This is definitely an outfit Boss Man Dale would approve of.

Side Note: Even though I am sad to see Dale leave. I am pretty excited to see what Alex Bowman can do.

Disclaimer: I would not actually wear this to an interview. Even if it is with Boss Man Dale.

*If you get and interview with Dale, I would love to hear about it or style you for the interview.

** Dale, if you are reading this, and you need something to do with your free time next year, I would love to interview you, are your convenience, of course.


Cheers to Dale and the 88. You will be missed.

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