Rebel’s Shopping Challenge

I love reading other blogs, looking though magazines, and pretty much anything else to get ideas, I have been known to watch old CW shows for inspiration. My ideas are usually fueled by other people being amazing. However, recently I skimmed through a blog, the writer was boasting about a white t-shirt she got on sale for $28. Now, how you spend your money is your business. But I had a feeling I could find something similar for less.

The one she had pictures was white, not ivory, swoop neck and tied in the front. This sparked the idea. I was going to buy whatever I liked. I was one the hunt for something very similar, with a budget of $20, preferable less. I hit up the local mall, looking at all the main department stores and specialty stores. Four hours later… I didn’t find anything in the style of price I wanted. I ever look in the men’s department *drink please.

Basic piece should be purchased as the most basic place of all. Target, with Starbucks in hand, of course. If you need dirt cheap white t-shirt, the three pack is the best route to go. It is even better if you are prone to spilling. I am very picky about my clothe and they are kept in almost perfect condition. Plus I really don’t have room in my closet for three of the exact same shirt.

Ivory and off white are easy to find. Most people cannot tell the white from ivory. I have worked in bridal for so long, I can tell the difference. I really wanted a true white. Some people look better in an ivory. It is really what every you want. Target has many different style as well. I ultimately bought what I wanted. I liked the swoop neck and pocket. These design details gave it casual feel. The only size they had left was a large. I prayed it would work if I tied it in the front. With that, I bought it without even trying it on. I don’t usually get that lucky. It never happens, but when it does I want to tell everyone.

Great day outfit. I wore it to my hometown county fair. It would also be great for state fairs, or farmers market. I kept the rest of the outfit casual with simple dark wash jeans, cowboy boots with fringe (thanks to my mom ) gold and silver necklace, and of course Ray-Bans.

I love doing challenges like this. It allows me to be creative and pay attention when I am shopping.

Where are your favorite places to get basic pieces?



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