Rebel of the Iowa State Fair

Is there anything better than the Iowa State Fair?

The answer is no. It is the perfect time to eat delicious food, have a beer and hang out with amazing people. I have attended the fair every year, sometime four times. The quickest way to ruin your fair experience is being inappropriately dressed. You do not want to end up on the “People of the Iowa State Fair” Facebook page.

Here are the best guidelines for getting ready for the Iowa State Fair

Shade your eyes – It is bright outside. You can do a hat or sunglasses. I went with sunglasses.

Jeans – As it is always hot, many people believe it is best to wear shorts. I would make the argument jeans are a better option. Jean will keep you from getting sunburnt and no chaffing. I also do not love the idea of wearing jean shorts with boots. It gives me high school flash backs. No thanks.

Great Shoes – This will vary depending on what you are comfortable with. I buy good boots, for me that is the way to go. For some it maybe tennis shoes or sandals. You need something you can walk in. You will be spending a lot of time on your feet. I walked over seven miles. You do not want to be doing that in uncomfortable shoes. Test your shoes out. They may look comfortable but if you haven’t walked a mile in them, you really don’t know. I have made that mistake before.

Light weight shirt – I went with a pink razorback and a denim vest. It can help you work on your tan. Look for shirts that have cotton. Cotton is a breathable fiber. It will keep you cool. Stay away from polyester. It may look breathable, but polyester locks in heat.

Finally makeup – I am all about full faced every day. I go full out most days. It is unnecessary during the state fair. You will sweat it all off, or at least I did. I am going back and I will keep it simple. Let sweat be my highlighter, and dust my contour.

I always wear my hair down and the fair is no exception. I curled it with tons of hair spray.

Nothing compares to being well dressed at the Iowa State Fair.


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Too country for the city. Too city for the country.

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