Rebel feeling 22!

Today I am feeling 22, because it is my 22nd birthday!

When my birthday rolls around so does fall. That means, it is time for layers and more layers. In Iowa the weather does this weird thing, where it is freezing in the morning/at night and hot in the afternoon. Adding layers can be tricky for some people. In this weather, you need to have an outfit that will look good with layers and without.

Ripped t-shirts use to be all the rave. They are getting an upgrade. It is now all about the worn out vintage shirts. Tares on the collar and small holes throughout give off the well-loved vibe, like you pulled it out from the back of your closet. Plus they are so soft and comfortable. I personal do not have any authentic vintage t-shirts laying around. Designers know this is the look and feel consumers want, so they have replicated this style. This a good alternative if you are like me and don’t have or can’t find the real thing. I bought this Jack Daniel’s vintage style shirt. The off the shoulder look works well with a jacket or without. The look is supposed to be unfitted, so I bought it in a larger size than I normally would have.

A leather jacket can make any outfit look edgy. What makes this one great is the cloth sleeves. This design feature allows for better range of motion. The zipper detail, where the two fabrics meet, adds another level of edge. It is more aesthetically pleasing, than a seam.

Denim is also getting a new look for fall. We, as fashion forward consumers, are turning away from couture runways designs and instead reaching for chic street wear. Skinny jeans have become a classic style. With these jeans, we are keeping it classic with the fit. Adding edge with the fading and destructured spots. The leopard patches help create the street wear ideal. The tactical texture of the patches is unexpected but keeps the eye interested in the outfit as a whole.

It is safe to say red boots are my favorite. They are comfortable and different from what everyone else has. I loaded up on rings for accessories. The outfit has a lot going for it, so it was important to keep the jewelry carefree. I stayed away from a necklace, due to the t-shirt’s neckline. I let the outfit speak for itself.

I am off to continue feeling 22 and all that goes with that.



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Too country for the city. Too city for the country.

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