Tailgate Challenge Week 1

It is tailgate season. Or as most people call it football season. Which means you won’t find me without a drink in my hand, whether it be whiskey, beer, or coffee.

All this football talk got me thinking about new ways to wear gameday apparel. This is a topic I could spend hours on. (check out my Boss Man Dale post) I decided to do just that. I wanted to do different outfits or ways to support your favorite team.

I will be doing 7 weeks of tailgate challenge. This will be seven weeks of tailgate approved outfit. Unlike my Boss Man Dale post, these outfits will not have blazers and wedges. They will be practically outfits, that you would see or wear to a tailgate. The outfit will be posted every Friday, to give you new ideas before the game.

The first outfit is going to be a rebel chic look. I am obsessed with this leather jacket. It is such a classic. We tend to see people using sweatshirts or athletic zip up jackets when they get cold. The leather jacket makes it more fashionable. For a shirt you can pick any fitted fan apparel you want. Any team or logo you choose. I went with Iowa State, because I graduated from there. This shirt just has the Iowa State name patch on it. Simple and cute.

Classic jean. I went with a faded denim. This helps emphasis the casual look. Any jean will work.

I am usually caught wearing my red boots. Switched it up and whet with red and black boots. They fit in with the Cyclone theme, while also showing something different than my typical red boots.

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