Rebel at a Tailgate

Alright so I am a few days late. When we think of tailgating college football is usually the first thing to come to mind. Don’t under estimate the power of a NASCAR tailgate. As most speedway have free parking, there are people who show up with no tickets. They are just there to drink and have a good time.

I decided to do a race inspired outfit. I also know I said no heels, but this warm weather has me wanting to get my wedges back out again. You could easily do any sandal or boot as it starts to get colder.

I am a team Penske fan. Plus I wear this shirt all the time. Since Iowa decided it needs to be 90 degrees on the first day of fall. A tank was needed. I have also put away all of my shorts (I am really excited for fall fashion.) So I resorted to a leather skirt. I would stay away from wool or suede skirts until later in the season. It is also hard to get beer out of wool or suede. With a fake leather you can just wipe it off.

Happy tailgating!



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Too country for the city. Too city for the country.

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