What’s in my travel makeup bag?


It is time to head home for the holidays. I don’t know about you but my weekend is jam packed with Christmas parties, family dinner, and coffee with old friends. I love it! While I normal talk about my fashion choices, I thought I would let you know about what makeup I travel with.

First things first, a cute makeup bag. It doesn’t have to be expensive, I bought this one during one of Kate Spade’s surprise sales.

I really try to make the most out of a few items, but minimalism is not my style. I am too worried about what else will pop up. For most people this may not be travel. I am an all of nothing if I can’t take everything, I am only taking mascara. Lol

Primer– If you don’t have primer go buy some. E.L.F does the job and at a great price.

Foundation- Please get a foundation that matches your skin tone. I personally like a light water based foundation. I also use a powered on top, to lighten up the foundation.

Eyeshadow – pick a pallet that you can do many looks with. I can use this one for day or night.

Mascara – I will not leave the house without mascara. I personal like “better than sex” while I think who ever named it that hasn’t gotten laid in a while. The mascara is better than any other mascara I have used.

The Face – I use blush, bronzer, and highlighter. I got for an orange tone with the blush, to compliment my freckles. As far as bronzer and highlighter, I buy the lightest shade. No but really, I go with light shades so it looks natural.

I feel like with this selection, I can do may different looks. That’s why I love it, making it my go to for when I travel.

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