Rebel in a Crop Top

I am all about getting as much life out of an article of clothing as possible. That is why I am all about wearing crop tops in the winter. I have five crop tops. Two of them are long sleeve and one is a sweatshirt. They are crop tops made for winter.

Wearing a crop top in winter go for layers. Adding a cardigan or flannel will add length to the back. This takes away from the summer look. But don’t be afraid to try something different. I went with a men’s flannel and a destructed demin jacket. This look allows for me to take one of the layers off, if needed. I also like the look of multiple layers.

Your jean choice is critical. Personal I hate high rise jeans. I went for a mid-rise. I have a very short torso so mid-rise works better for me. Find out what works for you but I would recommend staying away from low rise. The low rise jeans give an early 2000s vibe, not what you want. You wants to make sure they fit properly around the waist. If they are too lose, you will be pulling them up all day. If they are too tight, it won’t be flattering.

How are you wearing your crop top this winter?

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