Girls’ Night Out

Is there really anything better than going out with great friends? As a Christmas gift I got four tickets to Worlds Toughest Rodeo. We had a super chill night of getting ready and spending the night hang out.

It may have been winter in Iowa but I still wore a crop top, and convinced Kendra to do the same. One thing I love about Kendra is she trust me. I had a backup outfit for her, in case to crop top was too risky. The beauty of sharing clothes with friends, is you can give it back at the end of the night. She went with the crop top. I could not be happier! As I talked about in the earlier post, add a longer layering piece. In Kendra’s case it was a denim vest.

I went with a gray ribbed crop top. I had a mesh jacket over it. I think Morgan is holding it in this picture, but I’m not sure lol. Of course I went with 311 Levi’s. They are the shaping skinny, basically my favorite jeans ever. As we were at a rodeo,  I had to wear boots. I wanted a pop of color. I went with Reba boots, with red detailing.

At the end of the day, I loved dressing up Kendra but it spending time with these girls was the best.

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