Rebel in Ray-Bans

Ray-Bans have been around since 1937, and a staple in my life for the past year. My only regret is not buying a pair sooner. There are three style which are considered iconic.

  • Aviators
  • Wayfarers
  • Clubmasters

What makes Ray-Bans so great?

Ray-Bans contain UV protection lenses. This will protect your eye from the sun. A cheap pair of sunglasses does not have the UV protection and can damage your eyes.

Quality. The of Ray-Bans can be seen and felt. When looking through the lens you have a crisper image, as compared to a lower price pair. Unlike a cheap pair that can bend and break easy. Ray-Bans feel heavier, they don’t feel flimsy.

They are harder to loose. Hear me out on this. When you invest in a pair of sunglasses, you take care of them. I know right away if my Ray-Bans are missing. However, when I buy a cheap pair, when I can’t find them I forget about it, instead of looking for them.

Everyone has heard of Ray-Bans. Turn on a movie or the radio. If they are wearing/talking about sunglasses chances are they are Ray-Bans. Ray-Bans has a history and image. I challenge you next time you are walk past a Ray-Bans case, try a pair on. I promise you will feel like an instance badass.

Lastly, they have become my makeup. There are days when I am too tired or hungover to be bothered with makeup. I know I can always throw on some Ray-Bans pretend everything is better than it seems.

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