Jean Shopping 101

Shopping for jeans is honestly worse than swimsuit shopping. Before I became the denim expert I am today, there was a time when I needed jeans. I shopped at 7 different stores, looking for a decent pair of jeans. The shopping trip came to a halt when I started crying on the dressing room because none of the jeans fit. I know what it is like to struggle when finding jeans. I have composed a guide to jean shopping. There are three main things to look for when finding the perfect pair of jeans, in regards to the fit.

Rise – The rise is measured on the front of the jeans from the top of the waistband to the crotch. We use the rise to determines where the jeans will sit on our hips. There are three main rises -High – Mid – Low.

  • High rise- Also known as mom jeans. High rise usually measures about 12 inches. It hits right at or about the belly button. This is the trend right now. They make your legs appear longer. This is the go to style for crop tops. Stay away from high rise if you have your belly button pierced. The jeans will rub and irritate the piercing.
  • Midrise- Typically measures 9 to 12 inches . Midrise sits just below the belly button. Midrise is popular as it helps hid the food baby. My personal favorite.
  • Low rise- typically measures 7 inches in the rise and sits at the top of the hips. This was most popular during the early 2000s. I personal hate low rise, but to each their own.

Fit – The fit is referred to how the jeans fit through the thighs and hips. The fit has to do with the way the jeans are designs, not the size. The three main fits are – Slim – Universal – Curvy

  • Slim- This is the fit you find everywhere . Slim fit is the most traditional. As the name bares, they are perfect for someone who is slim through the hips and thighs.
  • Universal- If you are reading this you can wear a universal fit. They fit everyone. The jeans have gone through different fit test to make sure they fit multiple body types and shapes.
  • Curvy- This fit gets confused with plus size. Curvy fit is for the girl who has weight or muscle in their thighs and butt. So the girl who does her squats should try a curvy fit.

Leg Opening – The leg opening is the width of fabric around the bottom of the jean. All fits and rises come in different leg opening s. The main three are – Skinny – Straight – Skinny

  • Skinny- They are tight around the ankle. This is my personal favorite and a must own. They are best for tucking into boots, or with flats, casual sneaker, even a sandal. You can even cuff them, this adds a level of style. For those who think they cannot wear skinnies, you are wrong.
  • Straight- The straight has the same width at the bottom as it does at the knee (within half an inch). This is mostly worn with boots, or a causal sneaker.
  • Boot- A boot cut flares out at the bottom. Boot cut can be worn with pretty much all shoes. It is a more casual look than the skinny.

When it comes to jeans, it can feel like rocket science. However with the right information (like I just gave you), some patients, and someone helping you, it will be much easier. The key is once you find the right fit, size, and rise, write it down so next time jean shopping will be a piece of cake.

Let me know if you have any question in the comments below or shoot me a message. Or you can always stop in and see me at the Jordan Creek Buckle.




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