My Style Icon…

When asked who is my style icon, only one name comes to mind, Miranda Lambert. Her style is unlike any other. She is doing fashion her way. I love what Miranda wears now and what she worr 10 years ago. I get inspiration not only from her outfits but also her music. Her songs fill you with confidence, they give you an edge. The songs that make you feel like a badass. It is easy to say Miranda Lambert is a badass but she is also honest. Listen to her song “Heart Like Mine” Pretty sure it was written about my life. It is a softer song, giving off a softer image. It is hard to find people who have a similar style to mine. What is great about Miranda Lambert’s style is it is like a badass hippie. Not only does she have great style but she is a great person. She has done so much with Mutt Nation.


I have two pieces in my closet that scream Miranda Lambert, a ring and a pair of boots. I never take the ring off, I feel naked without it. I got it when I was at a cross roads in my life. I had to make decisions that were very risky. I had to make them 100 percent on my own. As Miranda said, “if you don’t jump you’ll never know if you can fly.” The ring is a reminder of that and a reminder to take risks. Even if it doesn’t work out, as it didn’t for me. But I landed on my feet and moved on, and I am better for it.


The second it my Junk Gypsy boots. I got these as a graduation present from my parents. I only pull them out for a special occasion. They have a higher heel than the typical 2.5 inch stacked heel. It is an over the knee boot, compared to the 12 inch shaft on cowboy boots. Add the Ombre fringe and heart with wings. There is only one word to describe these boots, extra AF. One thing I love is the soft leather. I did treat them with a water protection spray. There are and will be scrapes, spills and memories carved in to these boots.


I don’t want to be Miranda Lambert. I don’t plan on copying her style. Although I would love to dress her. However she is my style icon. Her style is similar to Rebel Chic’s. Some days it is girly and some days it is grungy. It is always 100% authentically her.



Maisey Ashlynne

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