Rebel and Hippies

Have you ever been so excited for something that nothing is right? That was me, days before the Miranda lambert concert. I bought three different pairs of jeans, five tops and two jackets. I still ended up changing fifteen times before leaving. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the right clothes or they didn’t fit. In face maybe I had too many options. The problem was I was so so pumped, I couldn’t contain myself and no outfit was enough. The Junk Gypsy boots were the only thing that I could decide on. The rest was unknown until four hours before. I feel in love with jacket when I first bought it, and it fits with the ‘living like hippies’ theme. It is emblished with pearls. It’s amazing and so different I know I had to wear it.
I settled on a median wash jeans. Dark jeans, to my surprise, were to dark taking away from the boots and jacket. The light was clashed with the jacket. This pair is the Levi’s 311. My favorite fit.
Finally the red shirt. I tried in probably 20 different shirts. I thought why stray from my uniform. So why not wear a NASCAR shirt to a Miranda concert? It was a great color so why not.
At the end of the night the outfit didn’t matter. The people and music did. Both where spectacular.


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