Capsule Closet

Moving can be so stressful. I am in the process of moving out of the lux townhome I share with a friend and living by myself again. I am going to have a very small closet now. Here are a few of my tips for cleaning out your closet.

Perspective is everything. The bigger the closet you have, the more clothes you want. The small the closet, the more content you are with what you have. Having a massive closet, made me want to pack it full of clothes. I was continually shopping to fill it. Having a smaller closet I don’t feel the need to get more. My closet is already full. I know think about shopping more. Weird but totally true.

Getting rid of clothes can be hard. Many times I think, “I might wear this in the future.” What I did was pull out all the clothes a hardly wore. I separated them, and completely removed them from my closet. After two weeks of not needing/wanting/ or thinking about those clothes, I got rid of them. I try to do a major closet clean once a year, usually this happens when I move.

You need to know yourself and what your style is. I kept only the clothes that were cohesive to my style, for work, going out, and every day. If I need something or I have a style change, I know myself enough to know, I’ll buy new clothes. There is no reason to hold on to clothes because ‘what if.’ Fun fact: I hate wearing flats. So I don’t need to keep 9 pairs of flats. I maybe wear flats once a year. However I love my heels, so I am going to keep them.

It is important to organize your closet in a way that makes since to you. Personally all my dresses together, colorized. Then jackets/layering pieces, followed by tanks, tee shirts and long sleeves. Everything is colorized lightest to darkest.  The top is lined with boots and the bottom is covered with heels.

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