Rebel styling Men’s Fashion

In case you didn’t know Rebel Chic Styling is more than a fashion blog. It is a styling company. I wanted to take a little time to talk about men’s fashion. Men’s fashion is more uniform than women’s. I love men’s fashion, that probably why I wear touches of men’s clothes.

I had a client who needed a go to outfit for weddings. The weddings were casual by nature, so he preferred to wear jeans. I found some inspiration and went shopping. After countless snaps, few phone calls, and three trips to the mall, we finally had a button up. He went with a chambray shirt.

The key to making this work was in the details. He wore freshly polished brown boots and a matching leather belt. A tie was needed to pull this look off, for the more formal weddings. I could not find one that quite worked. I ended up going through what my client already owned. I found a brown tie that belonged to his great grandfathers. I personal took the time to steam and press each items, yes even his jeans.