Red High Heels

Kellie Pickler’s ‘Red High Heels’ is a dong that started me shopping addiction. After hearing that song, I had to buy a pair of red high heels. That was my first pair of heels, and after that the problem started lol.

Red heels are a fashion statement because of the color. It is bright, eye catching, and it can add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit. I personally love red, but you could do this with any color. I would recommend picking up a pair of heels in your favorite color. All the rules I give you can apply to any color of heel.

When shopping for a pair of colored heels here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Heel Height: If you don’t normal wear heel or find it hard to walk in, opt for a shorter height. Buy something that will be worn, not a pair that makes your feet hurt just looking at them.
  • Materiel: A leather or vegan leather is a classic look, that can be worn year round. A suede is worn more in fall or winter, great if you are going to be wearing them to holiday parties. A crocodile skin/look is great for the trendy person, who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd.
  • Color: You can buy any color. By pink, orange, blue, green whatever color you want. Be mindful that these heels may not be able to be worn for all occasions, biggest example is work. They will be come the go to heel for a boost of confidence.

How to wear them:

You can wear them with a dress, jeans, to the office, out to play, whatever event you may have. All black is a great option. To step it up from the all black, pick more muted colors. The point is to make the heels pop, muted colors will do that. I classify muted as blacks, whites, greys, and blues, colors that don’t have the biggest wow factor to them. They support the heels and let them shine.

Leopard Booties

Who is ready for ‘4 Weeks of Shoes?’ That’s right, four whole weeks on my favorite topic. Each week I will be introducing new categories. Lets start with Fashion Statements.

Fashion Statements are being classified as shoes that have a trendy factor to them. It could be the color, texture, style, etc., or a combination of these design elements.

I am going to start with a super trendy pair of booties. Breakdown of why these are trendy:

  • Leopard print: If you have opened a fashion magazine or looked though an influencers insta feed, you will know leopard print is in.
  • Bootie Style: This fall, the trend was all about booties instead of the tall boots; this trend is being carried over into winter as well.
  • Velvet: Alright, velvet isn’t a mass trend. Every winter, designers will release a few velvet piece in hopes that this year will be the year of velvet. The good thing about velvet is it photographs nicely. This makes the colors look deep and rich.

Now you might be thinking, “That’s great Maisey, but how do I actually wear leopard print boots?”

Let me tell you.

While leopard is a bold print, it is all basic natural colors. It also has black and brown in the pattern, so you can wear it with either. Two other great colors are deep red and army grey. A bold print with a bold color is what makes it fashionable. Key word is bold, not bright. Stay away from a bright red or green-that’s a hot mess.

Gold jewelry is always good; it compliments the tan in the leopard print. A simple small black purse, or if you are like me and feel the need to take everything with you everywhere, a tote. As much as it pains me to say it, sometimes practicality is more important than fashion.


Gift Guide 2018

Holiday shopping can be so stressful. Not only do have my own holiday shopping. I also do all the shopping for my dad. Plus my mom and brother have birthdays in December. I always run out ideas that are new and creative. I have decided to put together a gift guide.

An easy go-to is cologne sets. This time of year you can get amazing deals. If you are unsure what scent to buy, plan sometime to smell all the smells. You can get different scents for different people. Killing two birds with one stone. Coffee beans clear you nasal passage, so the scents don’t start smelling the same. If that is still to much, Jimmy Choo Man is my go-to.

Gift baskets are my favorite gift. Never buy the premade ones, when making them are so easy. First you need a theme, the theme can be anything from coffee to self love to cars to movies, I have even done a flannel themed gift basket. Next step is getting the items. The sky is the limit, look at dollar stores, or sections, this allows you to get more for your money. Think of it this way, if its something you want or need, chances are they would want of need it too. Then just put it in a basket, bag or whatever your heart desires. Last year I made a beauty one and put everything in a make-up bag. The key is to have fun, they will love the thought and time you put into.

If those are not options there are many more great gifts to give including:

PJs – I feel like no one buy PJs any more, we all just sweats and call it good. But PJs are a must when traveling and on Christmas morning.

Emergency Kits – These can be very inexpensive and have many different uses. I have an over worked friend, I got her an “out of office” one. They can be thrown in their bag and used when in crisis.

Board games – When did we stop playing board games. My favorite New Year Eve party we stayed up all night playing “Life on the Farm” (think Monopoly but the farm version). There are so many out there, you will have so much fun picking out this gift.

Sports Merch. – The list is endless with this one, anything with their teams logo on it. How easy is that?! As many stadiums now have rules about clear bags, this is a great gift. They are actually making them stylish.

Weighted blanket – I haven’t bought one of these for myself, but I have heard so many wonderful things for family members and friends. Mostly that they help those with anxiety and insomnia sleep through the night.

Finally for the most important person on my list will be getting:

Bone, collar, an car ride, new squeaky toys, and a puppy latte!

Rebel in White

As September starts everyone starts asking the question “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The answer is of course YES!

This so called rule got started in the early 1990s. As more people were becoming millionaires, the ladies of high society made up this rules, so they could tell those with old money verse those with new money. Coco Chanel wore white all year round. Plus white looks so pretty in the winter with fresh snow on the ground.

You can do as I did and pair a simple pair of white jeans with tall boots, rain or riding, and a long sleeve shirt. I would shy away from full white dresses by themselves, pair them with fall jackets. Wearing traditional fall pieces with white is the best way to keep the outfit look fresh, and purposeful. And if anyone questions it, let them know the history by hind that old rule.

Rebel at 23

22 has been a very fun year for me. In a year I have gotten my masters degree, a life changing job, a dream downtown condo, and a website that has taught me more than any institution could have.

Growing up I always believed that blazers where stiff, boring, and made for the board room. Once in college, I realized that wasn’t the case, that blazers are for job interviews, getting people to take you seriously. Once I left college, I come to the conclusion that people take their blazers too seriously.

I would suggest going with one that is less structured or is a fun color. Get away from stuffy and boring. This blazer has structure similar a traditional blazer, with a fun color. I paired it with an off white tank and denim ripped up shorts. The shorts make it a very casual look. While I wouldn’t wear it to work, it is great for a party, or grabbing lunch with some friends.

Rebel with Coffee

I am officially moved into my new apartment. It could not be more perfect in every way. If I could complain thought I would say, the ceilings are too high, the closet has too much storage space, the view is too beautiful, the laundry room is too big and lastly there is no Starbucks on route from the condo to work… Oh wait the last one is a struggle.

Trying to find a solution to my problem I decided the best thing to do was make coffee at home. I think we can all agree Starbucks isn’t always about the coffee. Its about the experience. It is a treat that I indulge in a little to much. Here is a complete list of everything I got for my coffee bar cart:

  1. A bar- I shopped around looking for different serving carts, tables, even unique dressers. I thought about using part of my counter. I really wanted a separate area, closer to the living room. I ordered one of amazon.
  2. An espresso maker- I don’t love boring old coffee. I would much prefer espresso with almond milk, over coffee with creamer any day of the week. My go to drink is three shots of espresso over ice, with soy. Why would I pay for something so easy to make at home.
  3. Coffee – What ever ground or beans you prefer. I have a light, dark, and decaf roast on hand.
  4. To go cups- while I usually my travel mugs, it would be of bad social graces to not have cups for guest. I have hot, cold, straws, stirrers,
  5. Syrups – I just have French vanilla. I didn’t want to go to overboard. This way I can play around, learn what I like before buying to many
  6. Toppings- I went with the classics chocolate, caramel, white chocolate.
  7. If you are still unsure, google some of your favorite recipes. This will help you figure out what ingredients you will need and you will know who to make them once you get your coffee bar set up.

I am seriously obsessed with this. I haven’t gone to Starbucks in a week. This bar cart is already paying for itself.

My favorite salted caramel mocha recipe is

1 shot of espresso

1 tablespoon or so of caramel sauce (I use Godiva)

1 tablespoon of hot chocolate powder

1 cup of milk

Pinch of sea salt

I will spend my birthday as always getting a PSL from Starbucks. And then spend the rest of fall perfecting my own recipe.

I do plan on making a Starbucks run for a PSL, they are being released on my birthday after all. The rest of fall you can find me perfecting my own recipes.

Rebel in Denim

Ah wedding season. It is always a fun time. I really wanted to up my wardrobe game. It has become too easy for me to throw on a dress and a pair of heels, and still look like very much put together. I really wanted to go outside of my comfort zone and try something a little more risky.


I decided that I need to start shopping different. Instead of going to the mall, I went to my couch. After spending some time on popular secondhand apps. I found this denim jumpsuit. I felt  seeing it in the pictures I knew I would wear it. The question was, is it dressy enough for a wedding at a winery. If I was in Sonoma, California, I would say not. However, I was not there I was in Iowa, a place where Busch Light runs out before the wine. So an all denim jumpsuit would be appropriate. I dressed it up with a gold bracelet and silver and gold necklace. The jumpsuit was a tiny bit short in the arms and legs. I rolled up the sleeves and paired it with tall gray caged heels. This helped balance out the length.


I have challenged myself to only but second hand until Christmas. So be ready for lots of one of a kind looks, that have been very carefully thought out, in advance. It is going to be a mix of my old clothes with a new spin to it. I don’t quite know how to explain it. Just be ready for a true fashion journey of fun.


Maisey Ashlynn