Men’s Fashion

In case you didn't know Rebel Chic Styling is more than a fashion blog. It is a styling company. I wanted to take a little time to talk about men's fashion. Men's fashion is more uniform than women's. I love men's fashion, that probably why I wear touches of men's clothes. I had a client... Continue Reading →

Crop tops all year round

I am all about getting as much life out of an article of clothing as possible. That is why I am all about wearing crop tops in the winter. I have five crop tops. Two of them are long sleeve and one is a sweatshirt. They are crop tops made for winter. Wearing a crop... Continue Reading →

White Christmas Outfit

We have a white Christmas here in Iowa. I could not be happier. I spent most of my day playing in the snow. When I was younger that meant sledding and making snowmen. Now that means sliding around the fields in my truck. "The baby Jesus said, 'he who must be last, shall be sideways... Continue Reading →

Post Grad

Welcome to the real world. What a crazy year it has been. I have finally graduated from grad school. That means I have time to get back to it. First things first, thanks for being here. I have so much planned for y'all. There is nothing better than a classic black tee-shirt. For my first... Continue Reading →

NASCAR Tailgate

Alright so I am a few days late. When we think of tailgating college football is usually the first thing to come to mind. Don’t under estimate the power of a NASCAR tailgate. As most speedway have free parking, there are people who show up with no tickets. They are just there to drink and... Continue Reading →

Tailgate Challenge Week 1

It is tailgate season. Or as most people call it football season. Which means you won't find me without a drink in my hand, whether it be whiskey, beer, or coffee. All this football talk got me thinking about new ways to wear gameday apparel. This is a topic I could spend hours on. (check... Continue Reading →

I’m feeling 22!

Today I am feeling 22, because it is my 22nd birthday! When my birthday rolls around so does fall. That means, it is time for layers and more layers. In Iowa the weather does this weird thing, where it is freezing in the morning/at night and hot in the afternoon. Adding layers can be tricky... Continue Reading →

People of the Iowa State Fair

Is there anything better than the Iowa State Fair? The answer is no. It is the perfect time to eat delicious food, have a beer and hang out with amazing people. I have attended the fair every year, sometime four times. The quickest way to ruin your fair experience is being inappropriately dressed. You do... Continue Reading →

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