Rebel at a football game

It is tailgate season. Or as most people call it football season. Which means you won't find me without a drink in my hand, whether it be whiskey, beer, or coffee. All this football talk got me thinking about new ways to wear gameday apparel. This is a topic I could spend hours on. (check... Continue Reading →

Rebel feeling 22!

Today I am feeling 22, because it is my 22nd birthday! When my birthday rolls around so does fall. That means, it is time for layers and more layers. In Iowa the weather does this weird thing, where it is freezing in the morning/at night and hot in the afternoon. Adding layers can be tricky... Continue Reading →

Rebel of the Iowa State Fair

Is there anything better than the Iowa State Fair? The answer is no. It is the perfect time to eat delicious food, have a beer and hang out with amazing people. I have attended the fair every year, sometime four times. The quickest way to ruin your fair experience is being inappropriately dressed. You do... Continue Reading →

Rebel’s Shopping Challenge

I love reading other blogs, looking though magazines, and pretty much anything else to get ideas, I have been known to watch old CW shows for inspiration. My ideas are usually fueled by other people being amazing. However, recently I skimmed through a blog, the writer was boasting about a white t-shirt she got on... Continue Reading →

Rebel and Boss Man Dale

Dale Jr. is out scouting the talent, closing deals, and he does it all with a firm handshake. Ask Amelia. In honoring of his last season a full time drive. I thought it was only fitting to pull together an outfit even boss man Dale himself would approve of. Blazers and NASCAR razorbacks do not... Continue Reading →

Rebel’s rules of Fashion

The other day a friend asked me to help her pack for a weekend getaway. While we were picking out clothes she made the comment that she could not wear black and navy together. I realized this is a thing! People really believe you cannot wear black and navy together. This makes me so sad.... Continue Reading →

Rebel in the Suites

Another post another race outfit... I was excited to watch an IndyCar race. I have never watched open wheel racing before. This was  a new experience. I was going to be cheering for Team Penske, as that is who I would cheer for in NASCAR, making it a good choice. This was a family affair... Continue Reading →

Rebel’s with Benefits

I spent most of my weekend at the Iowa Speedway. I am going to post about Saturday's outfit today and Sunday's outfit tomorrow. Saturday was all about the fans. As it was July 8 or 7/8, which is length of the track and now National Iowa Speedway Day. New favorite holiday. I found out a... Continue Reading →

Rebel on Independence Day

Safe to say, corn is knee high by the Fourth of July.   Nothing about my Independence Day weekend went as planned. Friday was spent at the gym. We had a holiday themed workout. This wasn't what I originally had planned but I had a blast.   Saturday I pulled a motor out of a... Continue Reading →

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