Rebel at a football game

It is tailgate season. Or as most people call it football season. Which means you won’t find me without a drink in my hand, whether it be whiskey, beer, or coffee.

All this football talk got me thinking about new ways to wear gameday apparel. This is a topic I could spend hours on. (check out my Boss Man Dale post) I decided to do just that. I wanted to do different outfits or ways to support your favorite team.

I am obsessed with this leather jacket. It is such a classic. We tend to see people using sweatshirts or athletic zip up jackets when they get cold. The leather jacket makes it more fashionable. For a shirt you can pick any fitted fan apparel you want. Any team or logo you choose. I went with Iowa State, because I graduated from there. This shirt just has the Iowa State name patch on it. Simple and cute.

Classic jean. I went with a faded denim. This helps emphasis the casual look. Any jean will work.

I am usually caught wearing my red boots. Switched it up and whet with red and black boots. They fit in with the Cyclone theme, while also showing something different than my typical red boots.

Rebel feeling 22!

Today I am feeling 22, because it is my 22nd birthday!

When my birthday rolls around so does fall. That means, it is time for layers and more layers. In Iowa the weather does this weird thing, where it is freezing in the morning/at night and hot in the afternoon. Adding layers can be tricky for some people. In this weather, you need to have an outfit that will look good with layers and without.

Ripped t-shirts use to be all the rave. They are getting an upgrade. It is now all about the worn out vintage shirts. Tares on the collar and small holes throughout give off the well-loved vibe, like you pulled it out from the back of your closet. Plus they are so soft and comfortable. I personal do not have any authentic vintage t-shirts laying around. Designers know this is the look and feel consumers want, so they have replicated this style. This a good alternative if you are like me and don’t have or can’t find the real thing. I bought this Jack Daniel’s vintage style shirt. The off the shoulder look works well with a jacket or without. The look is supposed to be unfitted, so I bought it in a larger size than I normally would have.

A leather jacket can make any outfit look edgy. What makes this one great is the cloth sleeves. This design feature allows for better range of motion. The zipper detail, where the two fabrics meet, adds another level of edge. It is more aesthetically pleasing, than a seam.

Denim is also getting a new look for fall. We, as fashion forward consumers, are turning away from couture runways designs and instead reaching for chic street wear. Skinny jeans have become a classic style. With these jeans, we are keeping it classic with the fit. Adding edge with the fading and destructured spots. The leopard patches help create the street wear ideal. The tactical texture of the patches is unexpected but keeps the eye interested in the outfit as a whole.

It is safe to say red boots are my favorite. They are comfortable and different from what everyone else has. I loaded up on rings for accessories. The outfit has a lot going for it, so it was important to keep the jewelry carefree. I stayed away from a necklace, due to the t-shirt’s neckline. I let the outfit speak for itself.

I am off to continue feeling 22 and all that goes with that.



Rebel of the Iowa State Fair

Is there anything better than the Iowa State Fair?

The answer is no. It is the perfect time to eat delicious food, have a beer and hang out with amazing people. I have attended the fair every year, sometime four times. The quickest way to ruin your fair experience is being inappropriately dressed. You do not want to end up on the “People of the Iowa State Fair” Facebook page.

Here are the best guidelines for getting ready for the Iowa State Fair

Shade your eyes – It is bright outside. You can do a hat or sunglasses. I went with sunglasses.

Jeans – As it is always hot, many people believe it is best to wear shorts. I would make the argument jeans are a better option. Jean will keep you from getting sunburnt and no chaffing. I also do not love the idea of wearing jean shorts with boots. It gives me high school flash backs. No thanks.

Great Shoes – This will vary depending on what you are comfortable with. I buy good boots, for me that is the way to go. For some it maybe tennis shoes or sandals. You need something you can walk in. You will be spending a lot of time on your feet. I walked over seven miles. You do not want to be doing that in uncomfortable shoes. Test your shoes out. They may look comfortable but if you haven’t walked a mile in them, you really don’t know. I have made that mistake before.

Light weight shirt – I went with a pink razorback and a denim vest. It can help you work on your tan. Look for shirts that have cotton. Cotton is a breathable fiber. It will keep you cool. Stay away from polyester. It may look breathable, but polyester locks in heat.

Finally makeup – I am all about full faced every day. I go full out most days. It is unnecessary during the state fair. You will sweat it all off, or at least I did. I am going back and I will keep it simple. Let sweat be my highlighter, and dust my contour.

I always wear my hair down and the fair is no exception. I curled it with tons of hair spray.

Nothing compares to being well dressed at the Iowa State Fair.


Rebel’s Shopping Challenge

I love reading other blogs, looking though magazines, and pretty much anything else to get ideas, I have been known to watch old CW shows for inspiration. My ideas are usually fueled by other people being amazing. However, recently I skimmed through a blog, the writer was boasting about a white t-shirt she got on sale for $28. Now, how you spend your money is your business. But I had a feeling I could find something similar for less.

The one she had pictures was white, not ivory, swoop neck and tied in the front. This sparked the idea. I was going to buy whatever I liked. I was one the hunt for something very similar, with a budget of $20, preferable less. I hit up the local mall, looking at all the main department stores and specialty stores. Four hours later… I didn’t find anything in the style of price I wanted. I ever look in the men’s department *drink please.

Basic piece should be purchased as the most basic place of all. Target, with Starbucks in hand, of course. If you need dirt cheap white t-shirt, the three pack is the best route to go. It is even better if you are prone to spilling. I am very picky about my clothe and they are kept in almost perfect condition. Plus I really don’t have room in my closet for three of the exact same shirt.

Ivory and off white are easy to find. Most people cannot tell the white from ivory. I have worked in bridal for so long, I can tell the difference. I really wanted a true white. Some people look better in an ivory. It is really what every you want. Target has many different style as well. I ultimately bought what I wanted. I liked the swoop neck and pocket. These design details gave it casual feel. The only size they had left was a large. I prayed it would work if I tied it in the front. With that, I bought it without even trying it on. I don’t usually get that lucky. It never happens, but when it does I want to tell everyone.

Great day outfit. I wore it to my hometown county fair. It would also be great for state fairs, or farmers market. I kept the rest of the outfit casual with simple dark wash jeans, cowboy boots with fringe (thanks to my mom ) gold and silver necklace, and of course Ray-Bans.

I love doing challenges like this. It allows me to be creative and pay attention when I am shopping.

Where are your favorite places to get basic pieces?



Rebel and Boss Man Dale

Dale Jr. is out scouting the talent, closing deals, and he does it all with a firm handshake. Ask Amelia. In honoring of his last season a full time drive. I thought it was only fitting to pull together an outfit even boss man Dale himself would approve of.

Blazers and NASCAR razorbacks do not usually mix, that is what makes this outfit great. The idea is to have a casual  business outfit that incorporates the 88. As fall will be here before we know it. I thought I would start doing some layering. When layering tend to reach for jackets or flannel button ups. We neglect the business blazer. (I showed up to a party with a blazer on. Some guy told me, “you can’t party in a blazer.” I proved him wrong). This is a great opportunity to use the blazer that you were forced to buy for a job interview or career fair. I own many blazers, as I use to work in a business casual and professional world. I don’t anymore so why not put the blazer to use. If you are interested in continuing to add blazers, into  your armoire, sales are the best way to add more blazers to you collection. Another way is second hand stores.

I love the NASCAR razor backs that just have the number on them. Keeping is simple turns it in to a basic layering piece. A style like this is my go to, when buying fan apparel. I don’t like the ones with car and sponsor all over them. They are way to busy. The idea behind this outfit is classy while supporting Dale Jr.. Since with razorback is black, I went with a grey blazer otherwise there would be black overload

The jeans are kept dark to look more professional. These are Levi’s skinny jeans. I went with black and gold heels. My go to with jewelry is my gold watch. A quick way to make any outfit look more professional is add a watch.

This is definitely an outfit Boss Man Dale would approve of.

Side Note: Even though I am sad to see Dale leave. I am pretty excited to see what Alex Bowman can do.

Disclaimer: I would not actually wear this to an interview. Even if it is with Boss Man Dale.

*If you get and interview with Dale, I would love to hear about it or style you for the interview.

** Dale, if you are reading this, and you need something to do with your free time next year, I would love to interview you, are your convenience, of course.


Cheers to Dale and the 88. You will be missed.

Rebel’s rules of Fashion

The other day a friend asked me to help her pack for a weekend getaway. While we were picking out clothes she made the comment that she could not wear black and navy together. I realized this is a thing! People really believe you cannot wear black and navy together. This makes me so sad. I wear black and navy together all the time. No really, my mom taught me at a young age there are no rules in fashion. Navy and black became my go to.

This is not a post about wearing navy and black. My original outfit was going to be navy and brown. But I decided to go with a more casual dress.

My go to would have been black heels and a navy dress. After my friend made the navy and black comment, I figured I needed to try something different. Something different was navy and brown. I have my outfit all picked out but came to the conclusion it was a little too dressy.

Now Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed of overeducated.” I agree, however I believe in dressing for the event, one should not wear a formal gown to a truck pull. My first thought was to dress it down with different shoes. I didn’t have any other shoes with me… but my mom’s closet is always open, as long as she doesn’t catch me sneaking her shoes out. She claims, I stretch them out. I do. I was going to steal her fringe cowboy boots (Fun Fact: She let me borrow them for my 21 first birthday. The only rule was I could not spill beer on them. I ended up spilling lots of whiskey on them instead).

Looking around at all the clothes trying to decided if a dress and boots were the way to go. I spotted this blue tie-dye looking dress. I ended up putting that with the original heels. It was a snowball effect. I was able to get the perfect amount of dressy but casual.

I accessorized with some rings, a long gold necklace, looped twice, a gold watch and of course Ray-Bans. My accessories don’t change that much. I try to keep it simple. Keeping it simple makes it easy to dress up and outfit with out spending hours on it.


Ashlynne Mai’s

Rebel in the Suites

Another post another race outfit…

I was excited to watch an IndyCar race. I have never watched open wheel racing before. This was  a new experience. I was going to be cheering for Team Penske, as that is who I would cheer for in NASCAR, making it a good choice. This was a family affair with everyone going. I thought after Saturday, I would know what it what expect. I was wrong.


I bought this top over a year ago at Altar’d State. This is only the first time I have been able to wear it. It is on trend with the choker neck. I like the blue pattern on it. I always thought I was going to have to buy a strapless bra to wear with it, and to buy a good strapless bra it must be fitted properly and is costly. I did not want to do that. I ended up using a safety pin. I pulled the straps together in the front and used the safety pin to hold them together. It felt weird at first but you get use to it.


For shorts I went with light wash. Having the navy on the shirt, I wanted to balance it out with lighter washed shorts. I usually roll them at least once. I paired it with brown sandals. I have been wearing the silver ones a lot. I wanted something different. For accessories I went with a gold cuff bracelet, season ticket holder wrist band, and suite wrist brand.


One thing I found was being in the suite was nice, however it took away from the experience. The loud noise and heat all add to the experience, making more enjoyable to watch.